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dWritten abbreviation for dividend.
D.A.Abbreviation for district attorney.
d/e ratioWritten abbreviation for debt-equity ratio.
DAFAbbreviation for delivered at frontier.
dailyHappening or done every day. Connected with a single day. Also daily paper: a newspaper that is printed and sold every day except...
Daily Official ListAn official list of share prices produced every day by the London Stock Exchange.
daily trading limitThe maximum amount, set by the exchange, that the price of a stock, commodity or futures/options contract can rise or fall in a single day....
daisy chainA situation in the stockmarket when dealers buy and sell to each other so that investors will think that there is a lot of trading in the...
damageA bad effect on something that makes it weaker or less successful. Physical harm caused to something. Damages: money that a court orders...
damage claimAn insurance claim for something that has been damaged but not completely lost.
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