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H-sharesH-shares are shares of mainland Chinese companies traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange and denominated in Hong Kong dollars. Many of the...
haWritten abbreviation for hectare.
habeas corpusThe right of someone in prison to come to a court of law so that the court can decide whether they should stay in prison.
hackerSomeone who secretly reaches information on someone else's computer system so that they can look at, use, or change it.
hacktivismHacktivism, a word that combines the dual elements of "hack" and "activism" inhabits a grey area between legitimate protest, social media...
haemorrhageTo lose a lot of money or jobs over a short period.If a business, organization etc haemorrhages red ink, it loses a lot of money.
haggleTo argue about a price or other amount of money before reaching an agreement.
Hague RulesA set of internationally accepted rules that must be followed when sending goods by sea.
haircutIn debt restructuring agreements, a haircut is a percentage reduction of the amount that will be repaid to creditors. For example, when...
half-commission manA person who introduces customers to a stockbroker, or who works for one, and gets half of the commission for selling shares to a client as...
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