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J-curveThe pattern of change in the balance of trade after a currency devaluation. The balance deteriorates initially as the local currency value...
jackpotA large prize you can win in a lottery (a game of chance in which people buy tickets with numbers on). A large amount of profit. If a...
Jan.Written abbreviation for January.
January effectThe tendency of stocks in the US to fall towards the end of December then recover quickly in the first few trading sessions of January. The...
JasdaqA stockmarket in Tokyo.
jeopardiseTo risk losing or harming something.
jeopardyIn danger of being lost or harmed.
jettisonTo get rid of something quickly or completely because it is not good enough.
jewellerA person, company, or shop that makes or sells jewellery.
jihadJihad is often translated as "holy war", but that narrow definition is disputed, by many muslims who employ a wider definition. Most muslims...
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