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KWritten abbreviation for one thousand. Written abbreviation for kilobyte(s).
K2There are different types of tax avoidance schemes, such as K2 - the Jersey-based tax scheme. This is where an individual resigns from his/...
kaizenA method of running a company which tries to encourage continuous improvement in its products, staff, management etc.
kanbanInvolving the system used in just-in-time production, where parts are ordered just before they are needed.
Kanjorski AmendmentThis is a provision of the Dodd-Frank financial reform act of 2010 that gives U.S. federal regulators the power to break up or otherwise...
karatAn American spelling of carat.
kBWritten abbreviation for kilobyte(s).
keenIf competition is keen, people are trying very hard to get an advantage over others doing the same thing.Keen prices, rates etc are low when...
keeperSomeone whose job is to look after a particular place or area of work.A product that a company decides to continue selling.
keiretsuA group of companies in Japan that decide to work together so that they can control or influence prices within a particular industry.
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