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S & HWritten abbreviation for shipping and handling.
S & LAbbreviation for Savings and Loan Association.
S&P 500
S/RWritten abbreviation for sale or return.
SAUsed in the names of a type of limited company in French-, Portuguese-, and Spanish-speaking countries, and Italy.
sabbatical leaveA period of time when someone, especially someone in a university job, stops doing their usual work in order to study or travel.
sabotageTo secretly damage or destroy equipment, vehicles etc that belong to an enemy or opponent, so that they cannot be used.To deliberately spoil...
SACDSuper audio compact disk; a very high quality CD.
sackGet the sack / give somebody the sack: to be dismissed from your job or to dismiss someone from their job. To dismiss someone from their...
sacrificeSomething valuable that you decide not to have, in order to get something that is more important.To willingly stop having something you want...
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