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T-accountAn account showing the finances of a business, laid out in the form of two lines in the shape of a T. The title of the account is printed...
t-commerceTelevision commerce - the buying and selling of products or services using interactive television.
tabularArranged in the form of a table (set of numbers arranged across and down a page).
tabulateTo arrange sets of figures or information in a list so they can be easily compared.
tacit knowledgeThe type of knowledge that you gain through personal experience of working in an organization, but that is not written down and is difficult...
tacticA method that you use to achieve something.
tacticalDone in order to achieve what you want at a later time, especially in a large plan.A mistake that will harm your plans in the future.
tactical votingWhen a voter supports a candidate above his or her first choice in order to prevent an undesirable outcome.
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