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vNo definition or related terms available.
vacant landLand where no one is living or that is not being used.
vacant lotAn area of land on which nothing has been built and which may be available to rent, buy, or build on.
vacant possessionWhen land, a house etc is for sale with no one living there.
vacationA period of time when people are on holiday or not working.A period of time when universities and certain law courts or other organizations...
vacillateIf prices or rates vacillate, they continually change by small amounts.
valoren numberValoren numbers form a unique coding system for registered securities in Switzerland, Belgium and Liechtenstein. Numbers are assigned by SIX...
valuableWorth a lot of money.
valuablesThings someone owns that are worth a lot of money, such as jewellery and electronic equipment.
valuationThe determination of the value of an asset.
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