Definition of empathic leadership

Empathic leadership is the ability of leaders to understand, relate to and be sensitive to customers, colleagues and communities. Sociopathic leadership, on the other hand is arrogant, self-centred, insensitive and manipulative.

The empathic leader will try to understand why their customers want to buy into their brand, not simply in a soft, touchy-feely way but literally from their point of view - from standing in their shoes. This brings a powerful and compelling aspect to the design, build and delivery of any product or service, the holy grail of business success and one reason why some brands are market leaders, but most are not. 

Empathic leadership is not however, an easy path. For a start it goes against the myth of the hero leader. It’s not about ego, it’s about humility. It’s not about fulfilling personal agendas, it’s about helping customers, colleagues and communities to lead better lives. [1]


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