Definition of lost decade

Lost decade is a term that is is now loosely applied to any 10-year period of economic stagnation for any entity, be it a company or a country. However, the term is commonly applied to the situation Japan found itself in during the 1990s after a bubble in land and stock prices burst. Japan put off restructuring the banking system producing a protracted deflationary environment that some argue lasted until the present times, effectively producing two lost decades. There has been further debate on how much Japan really suffered during its 'lost decade'.


lost decade in the news

In April 2013, a columnist considered the implications of Japan's lost decade on its status with international investors. He pointed out that few international fund managers now have deep coverage in Japan. Abenomics could change that, although the yen's subsequent depreciation has limited overseas' investors ability to profit from any upside on Japanese stocks.

In May 2013, experts warned the British pub industry was facing a lost decade with sales unlikely to return to 2007 levels for another five years.