Definition of meme

A meme is a cultural idea, symbol or joke that is transmitted rapidly from person to person by internet, email, text message, social media and even by word of mouth. Memes are popular with young adults and adolescents who are largely responsible for their creation and transmission. Popular memes have included Lolcats, which basically consists of pictures of cats with funny captions. Another meme, Advice Dog, is said to have spawned many copies. Sometimes memes are based on pictures of famous people. On other occasions the memes themselves become famous, such as doge, a meme based on a Japanese Shiba Inu dog, which even has a cryptocurrency named after it: Dogecoin.


meme in the news

In January 2014 a writer for FT Alphaville noted that dogecoin had an advantage over some other cryptocurrency startups in that it was based on a meme.

Later in January, an FT story considered whether Satya Nadella would take the reins at Microsoft and if so in which direction he would take the company. The article quoted Mr Nadella as saying: “This meme of digitising everything is well on its way forward. If you think about technology, I think it’s data and the ability to reason over data that will shape more of the future.”