Definition of negomania

Negomania is a tendency to believe that all problems can be solved through negotiations, without checking first if negotiations are the best way of reaching the best solution.

It is Friday morning, the work that needs to be done today is nowhere near completion.  You come up with a plan - if you and your team work overtime today, and a few work on Saturday, you are convinced that this would solve the problem.

You summon a meeting to find volunteers to work on Saturday and to negotiate with everyone on how to allocate the work. This meeting lasts for hours with colleagues arguing and with most of them not agreeing with your plan and the idea of working on Saturday.

What if you had spent time at the beginning of the day carrying out a cost-benefit analysis of negotiating and asking yourself the right questions first.  Is this problem worth negotiating? Will negotiations help me solve my problem? If part of the problem must be negotiated, who should be part of the talks? Do I need a facilitator to help me?  If negotiations fail, what should be my plan B? Will negotiations deliver a better deal than plan B? [1]

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