Definition of Open Graph

Open Graph is a term created by Facebook developers to describe the ability for some social networking software to interact across different platforms. This allows different websites and applications to share information about a user, their interests and even their friendship network.

Facebook Connect was a first attempt at an interface that would allow other platforms and websites to take advantage of the user information already contained in a Facebook profile. The largest social networking company introduced its Open Graph strategy as an evolution that meaningfully connects people and things across the web. [1]

In 2010, Facebook said it was launching Open Graph with 30 partners spanning categories from books and movies to celebrities and athletes with sites such as CNN's news site and the ESPN sport site embedding its social plugins.

Facebook users visiting the sites could click a "Like" button on stories they want to share with friends and would see pop-up windows showing friends who had also liked something. They could also see their friends' activity on the site and share comments through other plugins.

Liking a movie on the IMDB film website would include that movie in the user's interests in their Facebook profile, with a link back to the original site. [2]

Facebook looks to expand with 'social plugins'

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