Definition of Boglehead

Bogleheads are those who follow the investment principles of Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard, the low-cost exchange traded fund (ETF) specialist. Boglehead principles aim at modest, simple, investment and savings plans. To invest like a Boglehead you should build a simple portfolio based on index investing. For example, a typical holding would be a stock market index tracking fund (either through a index tracking mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund), a global stock market index fund, and a bond index fund. Bogleheads, typically, do not favour alternative investments such as hedge funds. Bogleheads are also long-term investors and do not believe in trying to time the market. Bogleheads also, typically, try to minimise risk. Bogleheads have their own online community for sharing investment advice and other information.


Boglehead in the news

In February 2010, the FT reported on a ripple of concern on the Bogleheads forum after it was reported that Vanguard was setting up an alternative strategies fund in Dublin.

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