Definition of cyber security

Cyber security is the protection of computers, data, networks and programs against unauthorised access or attack by individuals, groups, companies, and governments. Threats range from cyber espionage to cyber crime and, at a national level, cyberwarfare. Cyber security is a growing concern for companies, for whom threats are now akey boardroom issue.  Companies' efforts to protect against cyber attacks are however being undermined by their staff's non-compliance with policies designed to prevent data breaches.

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cyber security in the news

In May 2013, the FT interviewed the head of IT security at British American Tobacco who said the there was a rising need to address cyber security concerns as companies deal with more data leaks where information purposely or inadvertently falls into the wrong hands. At the same time, regulatory issues are placing their own demands on companies.

Despite the rising need for a cyber security strategy, in April 2013 a survey revealed that nine out of 10 people knowingly breach their employer's data policies, with senior executives being the worst offenders.