Definition of internal communication

Communications that occur inside the organisation are all internal communications.  Many companies refer to this as either employee communication or employee relations.  This sub function of corporate communication has become increasingly critical, as corporations have realised the importance of nurturing relationships with employees as a way of retaining and enhancing the best talent.

In the past, companies produced elaborate publications aimed at “selling” the company to employees.  Today, internal communications activities are developed online through intranets or in person through town hall meetings with groups of employees.

A strong internal communication function can boost morale, help create happier employees who are more productive, and allow management to develop ambassadors of the corporation and its brands.  Through the use of digital and social media, companies have found ways to enhance communications with employees and create a two-way dialog rather than the more traditional top-down communications in which senior management simply tells everyone what to do.

Philips used a series of computer-based interactions called “jam sessions”, basically these are group online meetings, to help employees understand the company’s strategy, to develop new product ideas and to help employees interact with senior management.

Held over several days and hosted by many senior executives in the organisation, these jam sessions increased the overall effectiveness of the company’s internal communications effort and helped the company to develop money making ideas in the marketplace. [1]