Definition of near field communication

Near field communication (NFC) refers to a short-range wireless communication technology using radio frequency waves. The technology is designed to enable communication or information to be exchanged between devices separated by a few centimetres.


It is possible to carry out transactions and processes electronically, previously conducted face-to-face, such as checking identities and making payments using mobile phones.  Take for example, Japan’s mobile-based subway tickets in which passengers tap their mobile device on an NFC receiver to enter the subway platform. [1]

NFC is already included in many handsets and enables some useful features, such as mobile phone boarding passes for airplanes and phone-to-phone file sharing.

NFC is perhaps best known as the technology of choice for mobile payments. With its limited geographical range, high frequency and good security, many see it as the technology that will make a reality of the dream of the “mobile-phone wallet” - a smartphone that works like a credit card, debit card or even cash. [2]


Smartphone wallet a step closer to reality


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